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Best Villa & House Shifting Services Dubai

Moving to a new home is definitely not an easy task. You will pack your things, which can be time-consuming. Some materials are good as waste and you’ll need to spend time to figure out which ones must go to the bin. A lot of decision-making needs to be done and that’s where we can help out. We have a team of professionals home movers in Dubai who can handle different types of moves for different needs.


From the moment you call, we will handle every aspect of your move, from the preliminary preparation to the actual packing and transport and finally, to the unpacking at your new residence, where we will ensure that every item will be placed just where you want it. We maintain close coordination between you & the various members of our moving team, from the packers to the transport group, to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.

Our dedicated and committed team puts heart and soul into the entire packing and moving process. Packing materials like tubular packing and high quality corrugated sheets are used to provide complete safety to your precious household items and protection against any kind of breakages during transition.

Your New Home Awaits Your Presence. You Have To Be Ready!

You probably have marked your days on your calendar, when you are going to move, how many days are still left. You might have had all your items ready to simply move out of your old home into your new home. But hey! Your packing is still left and there are multiple things to still look out for.

How Are Going To Micromanage It All?

It is a chore when it comes to starting a new chapter of your life this hectic. This is why you need us.

From planning to implementation, you do need the best Movers in Ras al Khaimah, house movers in Dubai and Sharjah.

We Are Pioneers!

With over decades worth of experience, we have managed to carve out a leading name for ourselves, as the best house shifting services in Dubai and Sharjah. We move everything, from simple studio apartments, to grand homes, villas, suites, even penthouses and mansions. We are the solution to every house relocation problem you have.

Specialists at your Disposal

We are specialists in what we do. This is what our experience and expertise has given to us in all these years. We specialise in all kinds of moves and relocations, be it local or international. You could be moving to any part of the Emirates, or even beyond that, we are going to be there for you. We will stand by your side to make sure you are relaxed when moving to a new home. We are the most reliable house movers and packers in dubai marina and Sharjah, you are going to come across.

Transparent and Reasonable Costs

At Al Salam, we believe in keeping things transparent with you. Therefore, when we are analyzing your items and talking to your about your needs and wants, we also talk to your about the costs and other terms, in advance so that there is no confusion towards the end of the project. We believe in reasonability and affordability.

We know how much it takes to ensure your moving process is hassle free. This is why we ensure that you are never taken aback because of any hidden cost or any hidden terms once everything is finalised. We keep you informed of every single detail and every single risk, and give you the best and the most affordable estimate you could think of. All this to make your house shifting project hassle free.

We are Dynamic!

As leaders in the home relocation industry, we are aware of every inch of bustle that happens when you are trying to move your home. We are not only aware of everything, but we have solutions to everything as well, in case you come across any problems. Our immediate aim is to ensure your moving day goes stress free!

This is why we have means to take care of all your needs. We have means to ensure your hurdles are out of your way. We have an abundant range of services, which are comprehensive in nature. These services can manage everything that entails an average home moving project on an end-to-end. We handle everything. We plan, we move, we pack, we store, we transport, we deliver, and we unpack. You don’t have to do a thing. We got it covered for you.

Stress Free Relocations

When it comes to a smooth and stress free move, a lot of planning and organizing goes into it to ensure it is successful. As the best house shifting services in Sharjah, we make sure we leave no stones unturned. We take nothing for granted. We plan for every minute detail.

Your house moving project begins with a minor assessment of your home, your belongings, and your valuables. Our team of professionals is going to carry this assessment out for you. During our assessment, we are going to review and acknowledge each and every detail so you are relaxed and happy at all times. We will take all details into consideration. We will listen to all your needs and concerns, we will work in accordance with your needs and priorities and will handle your important and fragile items with utmost care and attention. We will devise all your packing, unpacking, storage, and transport strategies with you at the center.

Strategizing correct methodologies is of utmost importance to a successful house move. It should cover all kinds of aspects in your move, including –
  • Organising your move correctly
  • Arranging for transportation facilities and permits
  • Organising a team of professionals for your moving process
  • Packing your items and valuables with care, with the help of all kinds of modern techniques and equipment

Our team of professionals, with their exemplary amount of experience are the ultimate way to make sure your house relocation process is a success. It is the only way to make sure your relocation is stress free.


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