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A long-term task where you can’t take your estimated belonging along or the lack of space, whatever the reason, we have the arrangement. At Al Salam Movers, we give world-class storage facilities to your long and short-term storage needs. Our cutting-edge storage facilities give you the comfort, security, and affordability you deserve. Our warehouses are well-maintained, have round and clock security, are guaranteed and are completely furnished with firefighting and safety equipment.

Our Services Include:

  • Storage for Individuals and Corporates
  • Short-term storage on wooden pallets
  • Long-term storage in Plywood lift van
  • Multiple Sizes of Storage space to suit your necessity
  • Access to retrieve or replace goods
  • Insurance for storage
  • Overseas storage in many cities internationally

Al Salam Movers offer storage facilities anywhere should need them. For example, If your client is unable to immediately move into his new home, Al Salam movers can provide proper assistance to them. All consignments are stored in special warehouses to ensure no damages occurs to your furniture or other delicate products.

We offer safe, flood-free, flexible and affordable storage facilities in Dubai. Our state-of-the-art warehouse ensures that your things don’t get infested with pests or damaged by harsh weather while they stay with us.

In addition, we maintain a network of safe warehouses where your possessions can be securely kept while in transit to their new location or be used for your long-term storage requirements. If you need to keep your things temporarily stored while your offices are being completed or until someone can arrive at the site to receive them, we provide safe short-term storage-in-transit facilities to ensure that they are kept in a facility where they will be protected from damage. We also offer portable storage solutions such as weather-proof containers, to keep your possessions safe on-site until they are ready to be unpacked.

We ensure a clean and safe place for your belongings. On-site security employees and state-of-the art surveillance cameras serve as the main protection for your belongings. Our double-lock system is a security bonus, and we also have a record tracking system for stored articles.

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