Do Movers Take Apart Beds? Know What to Expect

By Alisha

As one of the largest furniture possessions requiring safe transport to new homes, homeowners often wonder – do professional movers dismantle and reassemble beds when shifting households? The process can seem complex for such heavy items. This article elaborates what clients should expect regarding bed transfers during local or intercity moves, and discusses how top Dubai moving companies like Middle East Movers handle bed relocation seamlessly.

Do Movers Handle Bed Transfers Themselves?

The quick answer – yes absolutely! Competent professional movers and packers have special expertise carefully dismantling different bed types, properly loading the detached components into transport vehicles, securely fastening them to avoid damage, unloading at your new home and then reassembling bedroom sets without impacting functionality. This includes:

  • Wooden beds including storage types, four posters, bunk beds etc.
  • Metallic foldable beds, rollaway beds, camping cots etc.
  • Other sleeping systems – futons, sofa cum beds etc.

Bed transferring further includes mattresses – packing securely in plastic wraps, loading/unloading and final room placement.

Without such handling, most beds won’t transition through staircases or home doorways needing take-apart anyways!

Why Take Apart & Reassemble Beds?

Taking beds apart before relocating homes achieves four key goals:

1. Transition Through Doorways & Stairwells

As fully constructed, beds simply won’t fit through home exits or building entryways during house shifts. Dismantling enables easy transport.

2. Optimal Space Utilization
When placed flat inside removal trucks, beds consume less space for more optimal load adjustments allowing other possessions.

3. Prevent Damage Securing detached bed parts using blankets/straps inside trucks avoids scratches, wood dents etc. Reassembly is easier than damage repairs later!

4. Easier Lifting & Maneuvering
Partial bed segments allow easier lifting by crew members unlike excessively bulky whole structures needing 4-5 person teams.

How Middle East Movers Handles Bed Transfers?

With 1000+ successful UAE moves completed to date, the bed transfer process Middle East Movers’ qualified crews adhere to includes:

1. Pre-Move Survey:

Supervisors inspect bed types at origin home and plan best dismantling approach, tools needed, manpower and loading trucks.

2. Cautious Dismantling:

Crews carefully take beds apart using screwdrivers maintaining component pairing to facilitate quicker reassembly later. Detached pieces lean on blankets avoiding floor scratches.

3. Safe Loading of Parts:

Compact truck stacking with adequate straps/blankets secures individual bed parts during loading preventing bumping/scratching while in transit to new residence.

4. Reassembling Beds at Destination:

We rejoin bed parts using original hardware at your new place restoring bedroom functionality quickly so clients enjoy first night’s sleep on own familiar beds!

For 6+ years, Middle East Movers’ systematic bed moving process as shared above has enabled seamless transfers without compromising quality, safety or delivery timeliness for our clients across Dubai.

How Much Do Movers Charge for Bed Transfers?

When opting for complete home package deals with packers, bed transfers are directly included in broader quotations based on number of bedrooms, apartment sizes etc.

However, movers also offer separate pricing for standalone bed relocations between homes, districts or transferring locally from Dubai port warehouses after overseas shipments.

Factor impacting charges include:

  • Number of beds needing shifting
  • Bed sizes/types
  • Accessibility challenges lifting beds at origin/destination addresses
  • Specialty tools needed for certain bed types

At Middle East Movers, we provide customized pricing for bed moving requirements through no-obligation estimates prepared after assessing your assets and relocation scope.

Why Trust Middle East Movers with Your Next Relocation?

With extensive regional expertise managing bed transfers daily as part of broader Dubai household shifting solutions, Middle East Movers delivers unique advantages:

🟊 Licensed Dubai Movers – We are fully certified, bonded and compliant with comprehensive insurance protecting your possessions.

🟊 Customer Reviews – Our longstanding reputation and 4.8/5 independent ratings showcase transparency focus and service quality track record across years.

🟊 Packaging Investments – We utilize premium materials daily like waterproof covers and international moving blankets that protect your cherished beds in transit.

🟊 Professional Crews – Our assigned manpower undergoes extensive inhouse training on cautious loading/unloading procedures aligned with global standards.

With strong credentials as one of Dubai’s most trusted entities protecting precious customer possessions during relocation, rely on Middle East Movers for truly end-to-end bed moving services with complete visibility and reliability. Contact us for quotes tailored to your upcoming Dubai transfer needs.

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