House Moving Contractors in the Middle East

By Alisha

Middle East Movers has been a leading house moving contractor in the UAE since 2016. With years of experience relocating furniture, household goods, products, gadgets, equipment, office items and more within the UAE, Middle East Movers offers reliable and efficient moving services.

Services Offered by House Moving Contractors:

House moving contractors offer a wide variety of services to assist individuals and businesses in relocating homes and offices. Some key services include:

Packing and Unpacking:

Our Services
Our Services

Most moving companies provide full packing and unpacking services using quality materials to protect furniture, electronics, glassware and fragile items. Trained staff carefully pack items at origin and then unpack at destination.

Loading and Unloading:

Professional movers use techniques to efficiently and safely load and unload trucks and storage containers. This includes proper distribution of weight and securing items with straps, blankets and pads.


Moving companies transport items locally or long-distance via road, air or sea using appropriate container trucks, freighters, shipping containers, etc. Door-to-door service is generally provided.

Storage Services:

Packing and storage
Packing and storage

Some contractors offer temporary or long-term storage facilities onsite or at climate-controlled warehouses. This assists clients during transitions between homes or offices.

Insurance Coverage:

Reputable companies insure items against damage, loss or theft throughout packing, transport and storage. Different levels of insurance are available.

Customs Clearance:

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Contact us

For international relocations, contractors handle required customs documentation and clearance processes for household goods. This simplifies moving overseas or returning home.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers:

There are many good reasons to hire professional house moving contractors instead of attempting a DIY move, including:

Saves Time and Effort:

Packing and moving an entire home or office takes significant personnel hours. Movers perform these labor-intensive tasks efficiently.

Prevents Stress and Injuries:

Moving heavy, awkward items like sofas, beds and appliances carries safety risks. Professionals use proper techniques and equipment.

Provides Peace of Mind:

Specialists are trained in safely transporting valuables and fragile items that owners often worry excessively about.

Offers Convenience and Reliability:

Established contractors have systematic moving processes and resources to guarantee service quality and minimize hassles.

Gives Access to Specialized Equipment:

Companies utilize durable moving trucks, dollies, ramps and tools the public lacks for large-scale moving jobs.

Hiring professional movers makes a moving day less stressful while providing efficiency, security and convenience. Their expertise with household moves also enables you to focus on other aspects of relocating.

Top House Moving Contractors in the Middle East:

Some of the leading house and office moving companies available throughout the Middle East include:

1. Middle East Movers

With operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, Middle East Movers provides comprehensive moving services across the UAE. From packing fragile items and loading container trucks to local, long-distance and international moving, it handles jobs of all sizes. It also offers car transportation and storage facilities.

2. One World Moving

One World Moving uses over 500 staff and a large fleet of vehicles to relocate homes, apartments, offices and more to any UAE destination. Packing, loading, transportation, clearing customs and storage can all be arranged. The company handles moves abroad and has partners globally.

3. Muscat Movers

Muscat Movers brings 20 years experience for families and corporate clients moving inside Oman or overseas. It provides sea, air and overland transport options with customs assistance for international jobs. Competitive pricing and storage make it a top choice in Oman.

4. Fastway Movers

Known for short-notice and last-minute moves, Fastway Movers operates in Qatar but transports items throughout the Gulf region. Apart from usual moving services, it accepts shipments on weekends and holidays which few competitors allow.

5. CARGO Movers

From Kuwait City to destinations worldwide, CARGO Movers assists private and commercial clients with moving needs. It transports sensitive electronics, expensive artwork, fragile fixtures and sensitive business records safely and dependably. Customs clearance services are available.

6. MoverOne Relocations

This Saudi moving company offers customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific relocation requirements within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Services range from simple packaging to turnkey solutions overseeing all planning details. Storage and customs assistance are also provided.

Choosing the Best Moving Company

With numerous moving companies in business, it is important for Middle East residents and expatriates relocating abroad to select the best mover for a given situation. Useful criteria include:

Reputation and Reviews

Check reputable platforms like Google or Facebook for star ratings and customer reviews reflecting service quality and professionalism. Opt for well-rated, positively-reviewed companies.

Services Fit

Determine what services (packing, unpacking, storage, insurance, etc.) are required and choose movers offering those precise offerings. Compare service plans during quotes.

Experience Moving Overseas

For international moves, select companies possessing extensive experience specifically clearing customs, meeting documentation rules, delivering goods overseas, coordinating with partners, etc.

Response Time and Availability

Ask how soon the company can pack, transport and deliver household effects and if they have availability for the exact moving dates. Transit times impact move planning.

Licenses and Certifications

Properly licensed and certified companies are authorized service providers who meet regulations for consumer protection and operational standards enforced by regulating government agencies.

Analyzing these key factors helps identify the most reliable, qualified, reputable and cost-effective mover for seamless end-to-end relocation. Planning and preparation are still vital however for smooth execution.

House Moving Preparation Tips

Properly preparing for an upcoming move minimizes unnecessary issues and complications during packing, transit and delivery. Helpful preparation tips include:

Choose what to Move vs. Discard

Sort all household or office possessions and decide what transitions to the new location vs. discarded as donations, sold or recycled. This reduces moving volume.

Research and Comply with Customs Rules

For international relocations, research customs regulations on allowances for household goods, prohibited items, import duties and necessary documentation to legally transport goods.

Backup Computers and Secure Sensitive Documents

Prevent potential data loss by backing up computers, servers and important records to external hard drives and cloud storage prior to equipment transportation.

Document Valuables

Inventory and photograph or video expensive art, collectibles, jewelry and appliances to facilitate insurance claims if damages occur.

Specify Delivery Timelines

Confirm precise delivery timelines for goods with movers upfront based on target dates of possessing new home or office premises.

Properly Label All Boxes

Clearly label every box by room and contents for easier unloading and unpacking at destination. This saves movers time rearranging later.

Advance preparation by clients ensures a smooth start allowing professional movers to safely and efficiently handle transport, storage and delivery while avoiding problems.

Why Hire Middle East Movers?

For residents moving within the UAE, Middle East Movers stands out as a top choice for several key reasons:

Multi-year Experience

With seven years focused purely on UAE moves, Middle East Movers possesses specialized expertise that new moving companies lack regarding requirements, logistics and best practices executing local or Dubai transfers.

Large Client Base

Having moved thousands of satisfied individuals, families and corporate employees throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, Middle East Movers enjoys a sizeable client base as the UAE’s prominent moving company.

Array of Services

From move planning and budgeting to packing, loading, road transport, storage and specialty item handling like vehicles, boats or pianos, Middle East Movers conveniently provides the full spectrum of moving services clients expect.

As an established brand of Movers, an industrial logistics giant in the UAE, Middle East Movers offers stability and financial backing larger than small owner-operator moving companies.

Very few UAE moving companies match the experience, clients served, services offered and corporate resources as Middle East Movers. Contact us today for quotes on efficiently moving your household or company anywhere in the country.

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