Movers and Packers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

By Mehboob Ahmad

The vibrant metropolis of Dubai and modern capital Abu Dhabi located only 150km apart make the cities highly popular relocation destinations for UAE expats. Many families and businesses choose to shift base between these Emirates over time. This guide covers trusted packers and movers operating from Dubai to Abu Dhabi along with key route information.

Overview of Moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi:

Numerous job opportunities arising from Abu Dhabi’s oil wealth and Dubai’s flourishing tourism/realty sectors result in frequent movement along the Dubai-Abu Dhabi corridor.

While self-moving lorry rentals may seem economical, handling fragile valuables and coordinating documentation can prove extremely stressful without professional assistance.

Hiring specialized packers and movers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi enables smooth transition focusing purely on your new home or office without logistical difficulties.

Range of Relocation Services Offered:

Reputable relocation companies offer customized packages for complete door-to-door moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi including:

  • Home décor, electronics, furniture packing using quality materials
  • Loading possessions into GPS-tracked temperature-controlled trucks
  • Unloading and unpacking goods with no transit damage
  • Storage assistance if extra capacity required temporarily
  • Documentation handling like Emirates ID cancellation, Dewa connections etc.
  • Additional services e.g. pet relocation, international moving assistance

By outsourcing all shifting responsibilities, you can avoid personally coordinating various processes and vendors. Trusted packers enable stress-free Dubai to Abu Dhabi moving.

Shortest Route for Moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi:

The shortest road route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi stretches approximately 150 km taking around 90 minutes of driving time one way.

Key highlights of this fastest route include:

  • Starting point at Al Khail Road (Dubai)
  • Take Emirates Road E611 towards Sharjah
  • Pass Al Wahda Mall and exit at E12 Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Continue onwards on E12 highway
  • Arrive at Abu Dhabi Island exiting on Airport Road E20
  • Take a right on Muroor Road towards final destination

This fastest route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via the E611 and E12 highways avoids traffic congestion in the heart of Sharjah. For movers transiting at usual highway speeds, goods can reach Abu Dhabi City in as little as 1.5 hours.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Movers and Packers:

However, more than just the transit distance and shortest route, vital deciding parameters for selecting packers and movers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi include:

Experience in Inter-Emirate Shifting:

Choose a company with proven expertise in coordinating documentation, customs procedures, and addressing logistical issues specific to inter-Emirate family/commercial relocations.

Storage Capabilities:

Many movers have warehouses allowing temporary storage of extra possessions in case your new home is smaller or under renovation.

Transit Insurance Coverage:

Opt for service providers offering comprehensive goods in transit insurance to cover any potential damages during loading/unloading/transportation.

Pricing Transparency:

Avoid movers with opaque rates that seem affordable but have hidden charges billed later. Transparent quotes ensure no financial surprises.

Top 4 Dubai to Abu Dhabi Movers and Packers:

Based on extensive market reputation, below are the top 4 movers and packers operating from Dubai to Abu Dhabi:

1. Middle East Movers:

With 10+ years operational experience in 20,000+ moves, Middle East Movers offer seamless Dubai to Abu Dhabi shifting including:

  • Highly trained staff following strict quality protocols
  • Short-term and long-term storage solutions
  • GPS-tracked temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Extensive goods in transit insurance

You can expect no transit damage plus smooth customs/documentation facilitation.

2. Xpress Movers:

As ISO-certified packers specialized in inter-Emirate shifting, Xpress Movers invest heavily in staff technical skills upgrading and deployment of durable packaging materials.

Standout features include:

  • Air-suspension trucks preventing vibrations
  • 360-degree foam wrapping for fragile furniture items
  • Smart inventory tagging system aiding quick unpacking
  • Flexible partial and full packing options

With Xpress Movers high quality standards, clients shifting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi are assured complete peace of mind.

3. Safe Relocations:

Focused purely on UAE local and inter-Emirate moving services, Safe Relocations brings German precision aligned to global benchmarks.

Notable advantages comprise:

  • Usage of eco-friendly reusable plastic crates
  • Short-term humidity controlled storage
  • Dedicated Move Manager assisting handover
  • Complete Dubai/Abu Dhabi formalities handling

Through stringent quality audits and staff training investments, Safe Relocations upholds impeccable service standards for seamless inter-city relocations.

4. Smart Shift Movers:

As boutique movers concentrating on personalized service, Smart Shift deploys technology innovations like GPS tracking, digital weighing scales, RFID tagging enabling quality-focused differentiator features benefiting those moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi including:

  • Real-time consignment visibility
  • Pre and post-transit net weight certificates
  • Multilingual crew easing language concerns
  • Complete ownership from packing until final placement

So by selecting packers and movers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi strategically based on core competencies beyond just pricing, you are guaranteed maximum protection of possessions during transit.

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