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By Alisha

Relocating an office in Dubai brings immense challenges – from minimal downtime pressures and coordinating logistics to safely packing expensive equipment, computers, files and furniture without damages. As a leading office relocation specialist in Dubai with 7+ years’ experience smoothly shifting corporate clients, Middle East Movers makes office moving efficient and headache-free.

Our Full Office Moving Services

We offer end-to-end solutions when shifting offices within any Dubai location matching unique needs – be it a small business relocating to a new neighborhood or large multinational moving employee headcounts into a fresh HQ facility. With our own fleet, packing materials, storage and skilled manpower, we take care of all operational aspects so you simply guide where to pickup and deliver office items.

Scope of Office Moving Services

Our specialists assist with transferring various categories of inventory:

Office Furniture: Desks, chairs, tables, shelving, cabinets, sofa sets, lockers etc. We disassemble larger sets as needed for careful transport and reassemble at new site.

Technology Hardware: Servers, computers, laptops, printers, copiers, projectors, telecommunication systems etc. Our tech specialists disconnect, safeguard and reconnect devices.

Business Records & Supplies: Important files, paper records, stationery, inventory and other vital items are packed securely in waterproof containers.

Specialized Equipment: Lab gear, medical tools, engineering prototypes – we mobilize bespoke carriers and handling depending on sensitivities.

Office Decor: Potted plants, framed artwork, trophies, vending machines – we ensure safe packaging and transfer without damages.

Our experienced crews cater to any category of possessions crucial for your business as part of office relocation.

Why Trust Us As Your Office Relocation Partner?

What makes Middle East Movers the number one choice for seamless office moves in Dubai year after year?

1. Proven Track Record

We have relocated offices of all sizes and industries – from 10 employee startups to 500+ staff co-working spaces to entire floors for multinationals and government agencies. Client references available.

2. Specialized Approach

Our dedicated corporate moving crews undergo unique training to correctly dismantle, secure and reconnect servers, computers, phone exchanges, copiers, printers and other office gadgetry using specialist tools without disruptions which generic movers cannot handle.

3. Global Network

For overseas office relocation or returns back to Dubai, we utilize connections with moving companies across 6 continents for seamless door-to-door coordination complying with international customs and import regulations.

4. Round-The-Clock Assistance

We support office moves 7 days a week foreseeing the need for after-hours or weekend coordination dictated by business requirements through our always-available client service teams and on-ground crews.

5. Insurance

We provide standard insurance on all office items and equipment transported while also offering enhanced coverage options upto AED 1 million for added protection on precious possessions like prototypes or Argentinian limestone sculptures. Loss/damage claims are smoothly handled.

Office Moving Process Followed

A well-planned office relocation process includes:

1. Audit & Planning
We survey all inventory onsite and plan manpower, packaging needs, specialized movers for tech assets and vehicles along with route logistics and timing schedules.

2. Packaging We dismantle furniture as needed and carefully pack technology hardware, records, artwork and furniture using waterproof boxes, wooden crates, etc assigning ID numbers for easy tracking.

3. Transportation Loaded vehicles transported along planned routes are GPS tracked providing in-transit visibility while crews provide updates through mobile apps minimizing downtime anxieties.

4. Unloading & Installation Upon delivery, items are strategically unloaded based on new office layout plans. Our tech specialists reconnect devices while crews assemble workstations, chairs and shelves.

5. Extras as Needed
We assist with other post-move elements like office cleaning, IT rewiring, accessing building amenities, providing safety signage if renovations continue and removing waste debris to restore business readiness.

Office Moving Costs & Quotes

Exact office relocation costs depend on:

  • Floor Area – Larger spaces equal greater volume of furniture and records being transported in custom carriers.
  • Specialty Items – Sophisticated tech hardware, medical equipment, etc need tailored handling by qualified specialists which impacts pricing.
  • Distance – Long distance hauls between Dubai districts charged based on mileage and road tolls.

We provide free surveys of your office space by experts providing quotes accounting for key variables like:

  • Number of workstations needing reassembly
  • Server racks/electronics needing disconnection then reconnection at new site
  • Extra services needed like cleaning or IT wiring tasks

Binding quotes outline fixed pricing for precisely agreed scope of services so valid comparisons between vendors can occur without hidden charges.

As the most experienced office mover in Dubai, our volume discounts also keep quoted rates affordable when shifting larger workforces.

Next Steps to Get Office Relocation Quotes

Follow a simple 3 step process with Middle East Movers:

1️⃣ On-Site Audit – We survey inventory and current office layout to determine sizing, assets and handling needs.

2️⃣ Customized Quotation – We provide tailored quotes outlining services, manpower, vehicles, tools etc to deliver requirements.

3️⃣ Formalize Agreement – Select package matching needs and sign agreement to lock-in pricing and official scope of work.

Then relax knowing our specialists smoothly handle end-to-end coordination for your upcoming Dubai office relocation!

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