Moving Company with Packing Service: Hire Middle East Movers in UAE

By Alisha

Selecting professional packers and movers makes relocation convenient, damage-free and fast allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move. This article discusses key pointers choosing quality moving companies providing reliable packing assistance when shifting homes or offices anywhere across the UAE.

Range of Packing Services Offered During Relocation

Skilled packers are extremely thorough protecting your special belongings from any cracks, chips or dents while loading, moving and unloading heavy containers. Typical categories of packing services offered by leading UAE movers like Middle East Movers include:

Secure Moving

1. Provision of Packing Supplies

  • Sturdy cardboard cartons
  • Premium bubble wraps
  • Water-resistant sticky tapes
  • Cushioning materials like foam
  • Pallets and plastic wraps
  • Custom wooden crates

2. Careful Packing Assistance

  • Wrap delicate items individually
  • Use adequate cushioning layers
  • Fill empty spaces inside boxes
  • Double protect glassware, mirrors
  • Waterproof fabrics, clothing
  • Seal cartons securely after packing

3. Labeling of Packages

  • Clearly label every package
  • Mark box content details
  • Indicate fragile stickers
  • Show lifting points if heavy
  • Place warning signs for glass
  • Identify shipping container numbers

Why is Packing Vital During Shifting?

Here are key reasons professional packing by expert house moving contractors is highly recommended:

Prevents Any Damage

  • Boxes avoid scratches during loading/transit
  • Cushioning minimizes cracks, chips
  • Waterproofing saves fabrics & wood
  • Fragile stickers alert crews when handling

Enables Smooth Handling

  • Packages = easier lifting, loading
  • Equal weight boxes avoid bulges
  • Optimal carton sizes enable stable stacks

Offers Peace of Mind

  • Seeing possessions professionally packed in quality durable materials provides relief they remain protected during stressful transit

While DIY packing may seem economical, damages often exceed costs saved especially for long distance hauls or overseas moves making investment into specialist packing crews sensible.

How Packers Wrap Possessions?

Experienced furniture movers systematically pack households using various materials as protections:

  • Cardboard Cartons securely fit clothes, toys, kitchenware items that can overlap or collapse over other goods. Multiple sizes used based on fragility.
  • Wooden Crates provide rigid durable exteriors for expensive electronics like LED TVs, home theater systems or gaming consoles that boxes cannot shield from pointed impacts. Often custom-built to item shapes using plywood.
  • Plastic Wraps waterproof fabrics, mattresses, upholstered chairs/sofas securing them further with adhesive tapes for air/water tightness.
  • Bubble Wraps delicately wrap smooth fragile items like photo frames, vases, lamps etc that could crack or shatter if they rub together. Multiple cushion layers isolate them.
  • Foam Padding fills empty spaces inside cartoned appliances, gym equipment, etc preventing jiggling during transit which causes internal damage especially electronics.

How Middle East Movers Manages Packing

With over 7 years as Dubai’s reputed movers, we ensure quality materials shield your possessions perfectly:

Packing and storage
Packing and storage

1. Assign Packing Supervisors

  • Supervisors survey what items need packing
  • Guide teams using right materials item-wise
  • Direct box sealing & labeling

2. Provide Premium Supplies

  • High-grade bubble wraps, cardboard sheets
  • Several box sizes suiting items
  • Wooden crates for awkward stuff
  • International-standard adhesive tapes

3. Careful Item Wrapping

  • Fragile pieces packed individually first
  • Then loaded into cushioned boxes
  • Taping avoids box openings if overturned

Types of Goods Requiring Packing Services

Common possessions needing professional packing when relocating homes/offices include:

Furniture Items

Sofas, beds, dining sets, wardrobes, display units, workstations, shelves etc need covering plus dismantling into movable pieces.

Household Appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines, ACs, geysers, chimneys etc – detachable parts secured by foam padding.

Electronic Devices

Computers, printers, TVs, home theaters tightly fit using styrofoam and bubble wraps inside water-resistant cartons/crates.

Kitchenware & Crockery

Dinner sets, glassware, pressure cookers etc double-wrapped with generous cushioning to prevent cracks from vibrations.

Clothing Fabrics

Woolens, suits, sarees etc either cartoned or plastic-wrapped. Ziplock bags also assist overflow pieces.

Kids Toys, Books & Accessories

Placed inside sturdy storage bins or individual cartons based on fragility.

Benefits of Hiring Packers from Movers

While DIY packing may seem economical, hidden costs from damages often exceed savings from not hiring professional packers in UAE including:

1. Quality Materials

Ordinary packing tapes tear, boxes come apart and wraps puncture without durable supplies.

2. Specialized Techniques

Tools like telescoping ladders, foam cutters and sewing kits allow experts to dismantle, wrap and seal tricky items.

3. Efficiency & Speed

Packing an entire household alone takes days without coordinated teams who accomplish tasks faster and sequentially.

Hiring packers from your relocation company in UAE allows focusing on other move aspects.

How We Safely Transport Packed Goods

At Middle East Movers, teams mobilize packed possessions securely:

1. Careful Loading

Crews gingerly load covered boxes and furniture using ramps into carriers positioning lighter cartons above anchoring bottom-heavy items.

2. Secure Fastening

Packages strapped tightly across trucks using belts preventing sliding/toppling during transit. Further padding minimizes friction between goods.

3. Vehicle Locking

Truck compartments sealed shut and keys handed to clients for accessing upon reaching destination preventing any pilferage.

4. Responsible Driving

Experienced drivers carefully navigate vehicles on planned routes maintaining reasonable speeds over bumps or slopes focusing on safe deliveries.

These protocols explain our exceptional service records with near-perfect on-time and damage-free delivery metrics verified by independent surveys.

How Middle East Movers Manages Packing

As experienced Sharjah packers and movers coordinating 1000+ successful UAE moves annually for 7+ years through customized offerings, we leverage streamlined processes ensuring quality packing allowing possessions remain pristine during transits:

  • Our dedicated procurement teams source high-grade international-standard packing materials examining product grades, adhesive strengths, water resistivity etc. before large batch purchases. This ensures use of premium supplies.
  • We invest heavily into protective materials including anti-burst bubbles, weather-proof cartons and tear-resistant tapes catering specifically to UAE’s harsh, humid climate compared to ordinary supplies brought by some movers lacking local expertise.
  • Our supervisors undergo vigilant training by veteran crews on proven packing methods for delicate items, awkward furniture etc. They pass on learnings to staff ensuring global standards adherence.
  • We maintain buffer inventories across multiple warehouses allowing immediate mobilization of packing materials for urgent moves or last-minute overseas transfers by executives even late nights or weekends instead of clients waiting days as one-man movers procure supplies reactively from markets.

Discover first-hand how our quality-obsessed culture translates into secure hassle-free moves with zero damages even for fine artworks or Italian marble statutes! Contact us for quotes personalized to your upcoming UAE moving requirements.

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